Monthly apartment

Solutions provided by our monthly apartment

Have you ever wanted to rent a room for just one month, three months or so? For example:

  • I need to rent a room to live only during house rebuilding or remodeling
  • I want to rent a room instead of a hotel for a long business trip to Japan.
  • I will go back to hometown with my family during the summer vacation , but my parent’s house is too small to stay, so I want to rent a room near it
  • I will take examinations of several universities, so it’s difficult to go back and forth between my home and the exam site during that time, so I want to rent a room where I can concentrate on the exam.
  • I want to secure a temporary place to stay. Then I can spend quite enough time to search for a room which I like.
  • I can’t rent a normal room while I’m looking for a job, but I need a place to live as a base for job hunting.

Hotels cost too much money, and ordinary rental apartment are hard to find for such a short period of stay. In such a case, a monthly apartment that can be rented for even a month is a great deal. It is very convenient because it has all the furniture and home appliances. Please consider using it.


Shinjuku district, Tokyo

Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture

Wakayama city, Wakayama prefecture